Strategic Copywriting

Good writing doesn’t fall out of trees, it happens in the Tall Tree House! Intuitive, entertaining copy for TV and print advertising, marketing communications, web, packaging and digital media content. Each project finds its own unique personality and voice, to align with brand identity or create a new one.

Concepts & Storyboards

Concepts and Storyboards come to life in the Tall TreeHouse, with well-designed creative pitches that present a variety of creative options and communicate the message. Detailed Storyboards translate visuals and copy into the blueprint for successful commercials, entertainment and marketing promotions.

More Creative Services

This Tall TreeHouse has even more to explore: Project management from concept to completion, animatic development and production, shoot supervision, expertise in writing creative briefs, strategies and proposals. Also, direction of talent, on-camera and voiceover. Work as solo copywriter or assemble creative teams/vendors tailored to the project’s personality and audience.

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